We make sending money abroad as easy as texting

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Why us

By using KometPay, you can receive money in a variety of ways and save it in dollars at a fraction of other services 

We take our mission quite literally: we are the only service in Colombia that allows you to receive and manage your money via WhatsApp

Bank account

Send and receive money directly via your bank account 

Cash pick-up

Easily withdraw cash at any of our local partners 

  • Whatsapp


Use WhatsApp to receive, store and withdraw transfers 


We are built on three core pillars

By operating on blockchain networks, KometPay promotes financial interoperability for payments and transfer between different currencies 


We designed our product to exploit the full potential of blockchain and the immediate advantage this offers is speed 


By eliminating the 'middle man' of transfers, we are able to offer a far cheaper service


Safety is a founding concern for us, that is why we ensure state of the art protection when using our platform


How it works

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Select recipient

Directly from your contacts: select their phone number or KometPay account. We take care of the rest

Check rates and send

Check our exchange rates and fees. We are very transparent about what you will get charged. Choose the best option and send

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From your KometPay to Whatsapp 

To receive a KometPay transfer you do not even need to have an account, all we need is your Whatsapp number and you can immediately receive an invoice for cash pick-up or store it for as long as you want

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We are based in the US and we are focusing on US-LatAm transfers 

Colombia 🇨🇴
Mexico 🇲🇽       

Guatemala 🇬🇹 

El Salvador 🇸🇻 

Panama 🇵🇦    
Costa Rica🇨🇷



Belize 🇧🇿



We are continuously working to expand our local partnerships in Colombia to ensure our users have a tight and well distributed network of cash pick-up locations

Our partner network includes pawnshop chains, local tiendas, supermarkets, gas stations and much more to come

We aim to make financial services interoperable, seamless and truly inclusive. That's why we share our vision with likeminded partners and communities 

Our mission only begins with money transfers: we are working to offer more financial solutions for businesses, credit and payroll options




We are two cofounders, where each one brings his own experience and diverse background to the table in order to make KometPay a leading company in the revolution of payments and transfers globally

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Paolo Astone
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Nicolas Zuleta

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